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Table 3 Criteria for identifying preventable ED visits among patients with cancer

From: Recognizing the emergency department’s role in oncologic care: a review of the literature on unplanned acute care

Panattoni, et al. [23]a CMS [26]b Roy et al. [67]c
Anemia Anemia  
Appetite loss   Appetite loss
Constipation   Constipation
Cough   Cough
Dehydration Dehydration Dehydration
Diarrhea Diarrhea Diarrhea
Dyspnea   Dyspnea
Dysuria   Dysuria
Emesis Emesis Emesis
Fatigue   Fatigue
Fever Fever  
Flushing   Hot flashes
Nausea Nausea  
Neuropathy   Neuropathy
Neutropenia Neutropenia  
Pain Pain Pain
Pneumonia Pneumonia  
Sepsis Sepsis  
  1. aDiagnosis
  2. bWithin 30 days of outpatient chemotherapy treatment
  3. cComplaints (not diagnosis)