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Table 2 Individual determinant of ED use [49, 52]

From: Recognizing the emergency department’s role in oncologic care: a review of the literature on unplanned acute care

Description Factors associated with general ED use
Predisposing factors
Demographic, social structures (education, religion), and individual beliefs
▪ Age: Adults age 65 years older age
▪ Sex: Females compared to males
▪ Rates are lower among those living in the West compared to other regions
Enabling factors
Income, health insurance, access to regular care, area if residence
▪ Private insurance or Medicaid compared to Medicare or no insurance
▪ Residence in low-income areas
Illness severity factors
Perceived (disability, symptoms, general state) and Evaluated (diagnosis)
▪ Diagnosis: abdominal pain, chest pain, back problems, urinary tract infections, or skin infections