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Table 2 Tobacco cessation treatmentsa

From: A selective review of smoking cessation interventions in the emergency department

Studied cessation treatments studied in the emergency department (ED) setting
Therapy Dosage Instructions Treatment duration Safe in pregnancy
Nicotine patchb 21 mg
14 mg
7 mg
One patch per day on clean and dry skin.
> 10 cpd: 21 mg 4 weeks, 14 mg 2 weeks
10 cpd: 14 mg 4 weeks 7 mg 2 weeks.
8–12 weeks No, UPT recommended
Nicotine gumb 2 mg
4 mg
Chew and “park” the gum between cheek and gum for 1 min, repeat for 30 min 12 weeks No, UPT recommended
Nicotine lozengeb 2 mg
4 mg
Dissolve lozenge over 20–30 min, treatment duration is 12 weeks 12 weeks No, UPT recommended
Nicotine inhalerb
Nicotrol Inhaler®
10 mg per cartridge, 4 mg delivered
Each cartridge = 2 cigarettes
Gentle puffing, not like a cigarette 6-month taper No, UPT recommended
Nicotine nasal sprayb 10 mg/mL
1 spray = 0.5 mg
Tilt head back and spray 3–6-month taper No, UPT recommended
0.5 mg per dose 0.5 mg/day for 3 days, then 0.5 mg BID for next 4 days, then after 1 mg BID after first 7 days 3–6 months No, UPT recommended
Zyban® or Wellbutrin®
150 mg Start 1–2 weeks before quit date
Days 1–3: 150 mg in the morning
Days 4-end: 150 mg BID
2–6 months No, UPT recommended
Counseling   Can initiate brief counseling intervention but needs reliable follow up At least 8 sessions in a 12-month period (4 sessions 60–90 min in Germany) Yes, recommended
Quitline Referral   Fax, phone, email, or text referral upon ED discharge   Yes
Example of cessation treatments not studied in the ED
Electronic cigarettes Not regulated Not yet recommended   No
Hypnotherapy Not regulated Not yet recommended   Unknown
Acupuncture Not regulated Not yet recommended   Unknown
  1. UPT Urine pregnancy test, CPD Cigarette per day
  2. aE
  3. bFDA approved therapy