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Table 1 Patient characteristics of top 10 emergency department (ED) visits diagnoses in 2014 with examples how the visit can relate to smoking, adopted from [25]

From: A selective review of smoking cessation interventions in the emergency department

Visit diagnosis Estimated ED visits per 1000 persons Examples of how ED visit can be associated with smoking
Abdominal problems (pain, nausea, vomiting, surgical issues) 50.80 Vascular problems, referred cardiopulmonary problems, wound healing [26]
Mental health and substance abuse 19.23 ED patients with mental health disorders have high rates of substance and tobacco use [26]
Upper respiratory problems 18.21 Exacerbations of underlying COPD or emphysema, increased rates of pneumonia [26]
Sprains and strains 18.06 Impaired healing [27]
Chest pain (including myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome) 17.78 Tobacco use causes many of the causes of chest pain including cardiovascular disease [26]
Superficial injury 17.24 Impaired healing [27]
Back pain 13.05 Impaired healing, referred cardiopulmonary, or abdominal pain [26]
Pregnancy and related problems 11.98 Intrauterine fetal demise, sudden infant death syndrome [28]
Urinary tract infections 10.84 Smoking increases prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms [29]
Extremity fractures 9.79 Impaired healing and increased risk of fractures [27]